St Aidan's College JCR

Terms and Conditions of Hire

Please find below details of the current Terms and Conditions for hiring equipment from St Aidan's College JCR Technology Committee. You must read, understand, and agree to all of the following in order to complete your booking. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the JCR Tech Chair.


1: You, the hirer, are responsible for collecting and returning the equipment at the time specified.


2: There is fifteen minutes lee-way either side of the agreed time. If you arrive before or after this half hour window, we cannot guarantee that anyone will be there to dispatch or collect in the equipment.


3: We will always do our best to accommodate the times which you have chosen. However, it may be necessary to alter these times. If this is the case, we will contact you by phone or email. You would not be penalised if the equipment was returned late because we asked you to.


4: If you are going to be slightly late returning equipment, please contact us, although we do reserve the right to levy a small fine, particularly if other customers are waiting for the equipment.


5: If equipment is returned very late then we will add the extra time onto your hire, charged per day the equipment is overdue.


6: Sub-hiring of the equipment for profit is strictly forbidden. If we discover anyone hiring any equipment on at an increased price, we will charge you the cost of your own hire, plus the amount you were charging for the sub-hire, plus a fine


7: PAT certificates in electronic form are available on request, if sufficient notice is given.


8: Between collecting and returning your hire, you are entirely responsible for the equipment. You are liable for any damage or loss caused during this time.


9: If you receive any damaged equipment, or anything is missing from your hire, you must inform us as soon as possible. Failure to do so may result in you being charged.


10: All cables should be returned coiled and, if they do not have a Velcro holding strap, taped with PVC tape - i.e. the state they were sent out in. There may be a small charge for every cable that has to be recoiled.


11: All hires are at the discretion of the St Aidan's College JCR Tech Chair.


12: All hires must have at least one competent technician involved with them. The definition of competency is at the discretion of the St Aidan's College JCR Tech Chair, but an individual who has completed the DST Technical training course is defined as competent


The terms and conditions shown above are version 1.0 of the St Aidans JCR Technical Committee T&Cs. We reserve the right to alter the terms and conditions at any time. If we do this between you booking and collecting your hire we will inform you.